Safe Removal of Mercury Amalgams

3 Jan

Safe Removal of Mercury Amalgams Infographic


Silver Fillings and Mercury Amalgam Removal

Mercury is inherently toxic to the human body, and, often during the removal of mercury amalgams, the toxic substance contaminates the blood stream. Holistic dentists interested in the safety of patients during amalgam or silver filling removal processes can take measures aimed at ensuring the toxic materials are removed safely. The removal of worn out, aged, and dangerous tooth restoration material and the replacement of such material with biocompatible substances is a critical process in holistic dentistry.

Discussed herein are some of the procedures that can be taken to safely remove silver fillings and mercury amalgams.

Make sure the filling material remains cool: The friction encountered during drilling produces heat. An expert holistic dentist has the skill to cool down the filling using air and water in order to keep mercury from vaporizing.

Cut the mercury amalgam into pieces: Holistic dentists often use a chunking method during the removal of mercury amalgams.

Use a high capacity evacuator: The power suction equipment used ought to be placed ½ inch away from the filling being removed during the process. This will make it possible to clear out small toxic particles quicker and more effectively compared to any other equipment.

Offer an alternative source of air to the patient: Even though this is often ignored, an alternative source of air is an incredible way of preventing inhalation of mercury particles which might escape.

Use a rubber dam: The rubber dam is used for isolation of the tooth from which the amalgam is being removed from the teeth that surround it. It also helps to protect the patient’s lips.  The rubber dam also provides a dry environment for the installation of another composite filling.

Handle any additional cleanup with immediateness: After removal of mercury fillings the holistic dentist ought to remove and dispose of their gloves. The dentist should then rinse a patient’s mouth in the interest of diluting any toxicity remaining. The rinsing should last for no less than 15 seconds. The cleanup may entail rubber dam disposal and cleansing a patient’s face. An assistant dentist should be able to do this. A meticulous holistic dentist checks to ensure the process is carefully executed.

Filter the air: The purification of air in dental practices has always been an incredible standard practice.

Consider additional air purification closer to the patient: Over and above the general standard of purifying the air in dental procedures, it is good to place another air purifier closer to the patient’s face in order to capture any toxic substances released into the air despite all efforts.

Activated charcoal prescription: It is prescribed that the dental patient should take some activated charcoal prior to mercury amalgam removal. This is aimed at assisting in the binding of minute mercury particles.

Whenever a patient happens to visit some holistic dentist with an objective of getting their mercury amalgam removed, the most fundamental thing to note is the multiple processes involved that are aimed at protecting them and the dentist as well. It is to be remembered that mercury fillings are extremely likely to release toxic particles into the atmosphere.

The procedures taken may vary fundamentally from those mentioned above. It is important to be cautious given that mercury is a proven toxic substance. The initial three processes are very crucial and are foundational for holistic dentists in the process of removing silver and mercury fillings.


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