Lyme Disease & Sugar

24 Jan

Lyme Disease & Sugar Infographic


Lyme Disease and Sugar

For people suffering from Lyme disease, it is often a big burden for them trying to cope with strict instructions on what they ought not to eat or do. The main downside about Lyme disease victims is that it fundamentally affects most of their body parts. The victim is technically unable to do anything to alleviate the consequences of the disease. The most a Lyme disease victim can do is to try control the diet they take. The unfortunate thing about choosing a diet is that the victim has to do away with most types of foods that would otherwise be delicious. Sugar is the main substance that Lyme disease victims find most challenging to overcome.

It is common knowledge that eating large quantities of sugar is likely to do harm. Dentists know this, and they will make it clear to Lyme disease patients and to any other patient. Victims of Lyme disease will be much more affected than a normal person by taking large quantities of sugar. In the interest of minimizing the impact of Lyme disease symptoms, victims must cut down on their sugar intake substantially. Some people will completely desist from sugar and products that contain natural sugars such as honey and fruits. Other people prefer not to indulge in drinks and foods that contain large quantities of added sugars.

The best advice a Lyme disease patient can get from a qualified dentist is to cut down on their sugar intake. This does not just mean eliminating some foods from the diet. It often means replacing foods with high sugar content with other foods that have better health benefits. It is difficult to remain fixated on the foods you are not able to enjoy. It is therefore important to have healthy food alternatives that you can actually enjoy and assist you in dealing with Lyme disease at the same time.

Effects of sugar

Sugar has the potential to suppress a person’s immune system and destroy their ability to resist infections. Anyone suffering Lyme disease must do all that is in their power to ensure their immune system is functioning optimally. Medical experts believe that, following the consumption of sugar, the immune system gets suppressed for between four and six hours. If sugar is consumed during the entire day this would mean that the immune system remains substantially suppressed and increases vulnerability to flus, colds, and additional opportunistic infections which tag along.

Bottom line is that sugar is not good for the health of any person. The sad thing is that sugar is contained in very many foods – more than we could imagine. You willl find sugar in peanuts, ketchup, mayonnaise, peanut butter, bread, and breakfast cereals. Most processed foods contain refined sugars. This is because sugary products are addictive. Giant corporations in the foods industry want to capitalise on the addictive nature of sugar to make money out of unsuspecting customers and food junkies.

A major sugar effect inside the human body is to increase the levels of insulin. Rising insulin levels causes the suppression of growth hormones as well as the immune system. Sugar will destroy the defenses of the body against disease. If anyone wants to fall sick easily, taking excess sugar is definitely the easiest route.



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