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7 Apr

biomimetic molars treatmentWhat is Biomimetic Dentistry?

Biomimetic dentistry refers to a field of dentistry concerned with the treatment of problematic teeth while leaving the healthy structure of the teeth intact. This minimally invasive treatment utilizes advanced bonding and conservative preparation methods to remove only the damaged part.

The Problem with Traditional Restoration

In traditional restoration, a blend of mercury and silver is used to do teeth restoration and a large part has to be removed to pave way for the process. This can have adverse effects on the remaining tooth structure. Unlike the traditional dentistry, biomimetic dentistry cares for the whole tooth and not just the restoration alone.

The problem with the mercury/silver amalgam restoration is that changes in temperature may increase the size of the material leading to breaking the other teeth that neighbors the affected one. The gaps left by cracks on broken teeth offers room for growth of bacteria. This leads to infections and decay may starts internally.

Teeth restoration using the traditional technique is relatively cheap, and most people consider the method to be safe and effective. However, many do not think about how the amalgam affects the existing teeth. To see the seriousness of the matter, it is estimated that 15,000,000 root canals and 29,500,000 crowns are reported every year in the United States. In addition, there are also 30,000,000 extractions and 9,400,000 bridges reported each year.

Most of these treatments are necessitated by the failed restorations that were done earlier. If these restorations were done through biomimetic dentistry, the numbers would not be that high. They would decrease by more than 80 percent.

The amalgam composition and the technique of inserting affect the teeth to some extent. Even restorations that use white fillings allow the tooth to decay as they are not strong enough to handle the chewing pressure. They wear out often, and in four to 6 years, they are completely worn out. However, if restoration of such teeth were done using biomimetic techniques, patients would avoid most of the procedures and save a lot of money.

The Cost of Filling the Tooth Using the Traditional Procedures

The amount of money patients spend on traditional procedures for a single molar is approximately $6,105 according to a PEW Trusts study of 2013.  Let us see how you could save some money if you do biomimetic restoration if you live in the US.

Biomimetic materials are durable, resistant to reoccurring decay, and very effective in maintaining oral anatomy. In addition, biomimetic dentists report a reduction in crowns and root canal therapy by 75% to 80%. Therefore, the procedure can end the cycle of repairing and replacing teeth, thereby improving the overall dental health of people while helping them save some money.

The Future of Biomimetic Dentistry

Today, not every dentist practices biomimetic dentistry. However, with time and a cry for better solutions from patients, dentists will embrace biomimetic procedures to perform dental restorations. Many institutions have either elective or compulsory biomimetic dentistry courses to equip dentistry students with these revolutionary techniques. This shows just how valuable the practice has become, and soon every dentist must offer the treatment.

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