Biomimetic Dentistry: FAQs

23 Sep

biomimetic fillingsWhat is the meaning of the term biomimetic?

Biomimetic means copying properties that are related to life. Therefore, biomimetic dentistry is a kind of dental treatment that involves treating damaged teeth while retaining the good tooth structure and its vitality.

Is biomimetic dentistry a new concept?

Though the biomimetic procedure is relatively new in the mainstream, the practice has been in existence for several years. In addition, there have been over 25 years of research on biomimetic techniques. Informed dentists are already using the methods to help their patients, but some dentists are yet to catch up with this advanced technology.

How is biomimetic restoration different from traditional restoration?

Traditional restoration is a short-term solution and normally requires further treatment after a while. Some problems associated with fillings include leakage, breakage, and shrinking. White fillings are also short-lived and shrink over time, allowing bacteria to penetrate. On the other hand, biomimetic restoration is a long-lasting solution, and no bacteria can penetrate the teeth.

Is there a difference between white fillings and biomimetic dentistry?

White fillings are relatively similar to amalgam restorations. They often shrink, allowing bacteria to invade the tooth and hence decaying continues. On the contrary, Biomimetic materials do not shrink and therefore prevent bacteria from infiltrating the tooth, and maintain the tooth’s vitality.

What is a root canal?

It’s a procedure for repairing a decayed tooth by removing the nerve and pulp. The therapy treats the pulp, which provides blood to the tooth.

Do crowns prevent cavities?

No! Crowns replace the damaged part of the tooth and do not last due to chewing pressure that weakens and breaks them down. Therefore, instead of preventing cavities, they encourage them.

How can I tell whether my dentist is doing Biomimetic Dentistry?

To know if the dentist is doing biomimetic, take note that this dentistry process takes close to an hour for a single tooth and it has to be done with a dry tooth. The equipment that are mostly used in the procedure includes a rubber dam and cotton or an isolate. You can also ask the dentist to explain the process before the treatment.

Does biomimetic method involve using a drill?

Biomimetic uses a high technology called air abrasion that does not cause any pain like the drill. The material used in this technology contains some microscopic particles that clear the decayed part of the tooth and preserves the healthy part of your tooth.

Is chewing gum good or bad for your teeth?

Gum that has sugar is very harmful to your teeth because the acids in the sugar can damage your teeth. However, gums without sugar are good for the health of the teeth.

What if I have very sensitive teeth?

When cavities occur, they affect the receding of the gums. This leads to tooth sensitivity which causes some acute pains on the teeth. Biomimetic dentistry offers the solution to all these issues and restores the teeth to their normal sensitivity.

Does bottled water cause cavities?

One issue about bottled water is pH. Bottled water with a pH less than 7 creates an acidic environment that’s favorable to bacteria. Therefore, always buy water with a pH of 7 or higher. Another issue is fluoride. Water with fluoride has shown to lower the risk of tooth decay.

Is Biomimetic dentistry fit for everyone?

Biomimetic dentistry is appropriate for everyone, including children. In fact, children who undergo the treatment are lucky because they will never experience the painful procedures that their parents experienced.

Do I need to revisit the dentist after a biomimetic procedure?

Well, if it were not for the fact that it is good to go for a check-up regularly, it would be simple to recommend that you don’t even go back to the hospital to see the dentist as long as you’re taking good care of your teeth. However, for now, meet your biomimetic dentist, Dr. Taís Trevelin (Lowry) (619-359-6569), and formulate a schedule on how often you should be going to her for cleaning and check-ups. It is healthy!

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